JJ virgin is known as one of the nation’s foremost fitness and nutrition experts and accomplished public speaker. In this article, she shares a little insight on reasons why working with a consultant/coach can benefit everyone.

She explains: “At some point, everyone at the top of his or her game hired a coach. I’ve had coaches inspire, challenge, and ultimately help me take my business to a level I could never achieve on my own. Almost every person I’ve known who successfully lost fat and kept it off had a health coach.”

I have also hired guidance for many aspects of my life and business: accounting, communication, health, and tutoring (as they helped me achieve academic success when I was little). We are always looking for that advantage edge, and we can get further ahead with the help of people who can add value to what we do. It is no different with our health.

question-markThere are so many ever-changing diets out there, a plethora of new information and research every day, countless myths that need to be clarified, and targeted marketing trying to tell us what to buy. It is hard to stay well informed all the time on top of everything else we do, juggling work, kids, home life, and other interests. This is where a nutrition consultant can add value: someone who is keeping up-to-date with the latest research, who is carefully studying the industry and its myths and truths, and can advise you based on your specific needs, so that you don’t have to trudge through the internet, newspapers, and television ads to try to figure out what will work for you and what won’t. It is also important to find a consultant who has a holistic – and science-based – approach to well-being and has a track record of helping people feel better and live healthier lives.

Here are JJ’s reasons:

1. Accountability. An A-game coach kindly but firmly holds you accountable for your goals. Because they care about your success, they will take every measure to ensure compliance. At the same time, they’re not babysitters. Occasionally they will give you a little tough love, but only because they want you to excel in your goals.

2. Customization. No diet is one-size-fits-all. You are a unique individual with specific biochemical and physiological needs. A great coach can combine a diet blueprint with your goals, preferences, needs, and time limitations to design a program that works just for you.

3. Inspiration. We all have those days where the bottom figuratively falls out of our boat and we want to dive into a hot fudge sundae. That’s when a top-notch coach can “rescue” you, provide encouragement, offer effective strategies to overcome your obstacles, and help you persevere to stay the course.

4. Empowerment. Imagine walking into a restaurant, party, or grocery store and not become bewildered at the confusing array of foods. A good coach will teach you practical, easy-to-implement principles that empower you to embrace any situation with confidence and clarity.

5. Practicality. Helpful coaches live in the real world. They know you’re juggling a zillion tasks and don’t have the time or loaded bank account to shop for arcane foods or at designer health food stores. They can work within your budget to create an affordable, easily accessible food and nutrient plan to reach your goals.

6. Troubleshooting. Everyone hits plateaus. They’re maddening because even though you’re doing everything correctly, the scales aren’t budging. That’s where a savvy coach comes in. They’re problem solvers who can connect the metabolic dots and evaluate dietary, lifestyle, nutrient, and other issues that might be stalling your progress.

7. A good listener. A good coach not only lets you speak: they really hear what you have to say. Maybe you don’t have the most supportive spouse for your fat loss goals. Maybe your bestie or mom, much as she loves you, is inadvertently sabotaging your success. A coach can be that much-needed confidante to really hear what you’re saying and provide encouraging advice (or in some cases, just listen).

I am often asked how I do what I do, and I think JJ Virgin provided a pretty good chunk of that answer. As I mentioned before, it is important to find someone who has solid experience and education, has a track record, sees you as a whole and takes time to understand your history, needs, preferences, and lifestyle, and can really customize a plan that will give you the results you want.

To see JJ Virgin’s article in its entirety, click here: http://jjvirgin.com/4262/7-reasons-wellness-coach/