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Giving you the tools, strategies and space to make the best choices for your health and for your life.

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Nutrition + Mindfulness = Wellbeing

We combine nutrition consulting and relationship counseling to help couples achieve their health and relationship goals together.

We provide nutrition and communication workshops so that couples can develop a path where both individual’s needs can be met, where they can support each other, and connect in the kitchen and beyond.

We believe that a loving partner is the most important ally in creating good habits, letting go of unhelpful behaviors, and stepping into a fuller, healthier, happier life.

Individual Packages

Our nutrition consulting program will help you discover what food works best for your body and why, and it will guide you in implementing practices for optimal living. This process is custom to your needs.

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“I am inspired by their passion for wellness. I felt like I had an ally every step of the way. Thank you! You have had such a positive effect on my quality of life.”
– M.R.W., California

Love as Fuel

Our services help to bridge nutrition for the body
and nourishment for the mind

Couples Wellness Programs

We offer wellness packages custom to each couple to transform your health & the health of your relationship.

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Join us at upcoming classes, talks and group programs

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I love the style, grace, and experience Nick and Thais create. I am reminded to breathe, deepen and enjoy my being as I eat and relate to food, friends and creator.

– Dr. Ed Bauman

Find out how we can help you improve your health and the health of your relationship.

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