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Whether you want to lose belly fat, heal your gut, reduce allergies and inflammation, or have a more peaceful relationship with food and your body, we can achieve it together through my unique and evidence-based holistic approach.

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“I am inspired by her passion for wellness. I felt like I had an ally every step of the way. Thank you! You have had such a positive effect on my quality of life.”

M.R.W., California

“Thais has a broad range of nutritional knowledge. She offers a variety of food plans with delicious, healthy and simple recipes. She listens to each individual’s need and creates a plan based on several factors: busy life, children, on-the-go, or specific health concerns. Nothing stumps Thais…as she has many solutions in her mind and at her fingertips! I know this because I have worked with her and my friends have worked with her. We have learned a lot. Thais is one-of-a-kind!”

Banyan Parker, Santa Rosa, CA

Thais Harris Holistic Nutritionist

It’s All About You!

1:1 Coaching works because it is a do-it-with-you approach, with support, accountability, and real-time troubleshooting.

You get to finally understand which foods cause inflammation and weight-loss resistance in your body, and you learn how to boost your metabolism so it works for you even while you sleep! And even more importantly, you reconnect with the love and acceptance for your body, as you are. This connection guides your choices in a way that is effortless and rewarding.

We will create a vision of health based on your deepest desires, unique constitution and DNA, and your body type. You will realize your vision by applying proven functional methods that include strategies, foods, supplements and consistent practices, with me by your side every step of the way.

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Thais Harris Holistic Nutritionist

Group Reset Program

Reset your gut, renew your habits, and re-commit to your best health! Cleanse participants fall in love with their bodies and appreciate food and eating in a whole new way.

Whether you want to kickstart new behaviors, eliminate brain fog, loose weight, or are curious about what a cleanse will help you feel like, this is the place for you. Science-based guidance, easy and delicious meals, and the support of the group will allow you to reach a new level of well-being.

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Family Wellness Programs

Go beyond your own vision of health and build the foundation for your family to thrive in.

Whether you want to ensure your kids have a healthy relationship with their bodies and with food, want to prevent them from developing chronic conditions early in life such as type 2 diabetes, or want to address attention and gut disorders, we can achieve it together, through my family coaching program.

Get the full buy-in from family members in creating a vision of health for you as a unit. Understand each of your family member’s unique nutritional needs and learn how to combine them in one easy-to-follow, 3-D plan (dynamic, doable and delicious).

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I love the style, grace, and experience Thais creates. I am reminded to breathe, deepen and enjoy my being as I eat and relate to food, friends and creator.”

– Dr. Ed Bauman