Support Your Kids’ Health While Improving Your Own

Family Wellness Packages

Family Wellness Package Includes:

  • 4 Zoom sessions (initial session of 1.5 hours and 4 follow-up sessions of 60 minutes, to be completed within 3 months)
  • Up to 4 diet journal analysis from food journals (app or file)
  • One custom meal plan with shopping list and recipes to meet everyone’s needs
  • E-mail support for the duration of the package (3 months)
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The Healthy Family Code Course:

The complete guide to using foods to grow strong and healthy kids.

How it works

  • The course will be available once again in 2024
  • There are 4 live calls and 4 modules
  • Live sessions will be recorded and sent to you, and you will have access to the course for 12 months
  • Each module will contain videos, worksheets, a food demo and infinite possibilities for you to rock your kitchen and be your family’s hero!
  • Get on the waitlist and you will be the first to know when registration is open, and you will also get instant access to free guides
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What You’ll Learn

Module 1: The Digestion Connection

Why improving digestion enhances health and mood and how to go about it

– Learn how to make nutrient dense meals that optimize digestion

– Learn which supplements bridge the nutritional gap

– Identify food sensitivities

Module 2: The Immunity Community

Supercharge the body’s defenses naturally by befriending your and your child’s microbiome.

– How to incorporate fermented foods and why

– Your kids want to help in the kitchen! Learn how to let them so they are more invested in eating well

– Probiotic supplements and when to use them

– Social aspects of food: more than just nutrition

Module 3: The Reasons for Seasons

Cold and warm weather foods: How to match the seasons within

– Identify your child’s metabolic type and how to optimize it

– Plan meals to make home cooking a breeze

– Budgeting Meals: How to source the best food without breaking the bank

Module 4: Mindful is Delightful

Build a stronger and more resilient life through a mindful approach to eating and your daily intake of everything. Get your kids on board from an early age!

– Identify the heroes and bandits that we consume daily (creating awareness, not just of food, but of habits and thoughts)

– Setting the stage for success: How to create positive change and turn it into habit

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