Reset & Renew Spring Cleanse at Montecito Heights Health Club

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

This guided 21-Day Reset & Renew Cleanse includes live meetings with food demos and interactive learning, ongoing coaching, all supplements, and 28 meal replacements


• Have been feeling a little bound up
• Have “foggy” brain
• Can’t get rid of the afternoon slump
• Have a few persistent pounds to shed
• Want clarity and focus
• Want to make “eating healthy” easy and delicious
• Want to reset and focus before the holiday craze starts


First meeting: Monday, April 8th, from 7 to 8:30 pm

Second meeting: Monday, April 15th, from 7 to 8:30 pm

Final meeting: Monday, April 29th, from 7 to 8:30 pm

Location: Montecito Heights Health Club (Flamingo Meeting Room: Courtyard)

This is not a starvation cleanse: you will continue to eat throughout the detox process and will have all nutrients needed to thrive in any situation.

(includes meetings, food demos, coaching, supplements and 28 meal replacements)
Featuring supplements from Designs For Health

Spaces are limited.

Click here to register by 4/2/19. When you sign up, please send me an email to specify the type of protein you prefer (grass-fed bone broth, organic pea (vegan), or grass-fed whey):

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If you have done this program with me before, email me to get a private link to register for $400.

Need to talk to us before you sign up? E-mail us or call 415.523.7880


My experience was very positive. I feel better, have more energy and am able to focus and complete tasks easily. Much of the inflammation I experienced daily is now gone. I will use this program as my guide to my everyday living. Thank-you for my new beginning! (Lost 14 lbs).

C. – Santa Rosa, CA

Thais Harris was an amazing speaker and made great meal ideas to share. The main challenge was getting caffeine out of my system, but after three days the lemon/cayenne pepper tea worked as a great substitute. The program re-inspired me to make sure everything I buy is non-GMO, organic, local, and pasture raised. Feeling great!

– Cheri Shoults, Santa Rosa, CA

I am inspired by Thais’ passion for wellness. I felt like I had an ally every step of the way. Her recipes and information were the ingredients that made this cleanse a success for me. Thank you Thais! You have had such a positive effect on my quality of life.

– Michael Ray Wisely, East Bay, CA

I was able to gain a better understanding of my own personal health and the connection with food.

Nancy Wol, San Francisco

The detox as a whole provided a refreshing cleansing of both body and soul. After receiving detailed guidance from Thais Harris, I achieved the targeted results. Moving forward the detox will be incorporated into my daily life to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nancy V., San Francisco


Experience the benefits of this 3-week cleanse program in a supportive group setting! We make the program fun and participants see results quickly. This program is for you if:

  • You feel tired and sluggish too often
  • You have a hard time focusing and have a foggy mind
  • You often wake up stiff and experience joint pain
  • Your allergies flare up more often
  • You want to shed some body fat
  • You feel bloated and experience digestive problems such as gas, constipation, and/or heartburn
  • You feel stressed out and unable to deal with day-to-day challenges
  • You feel shaky between meals
  • You just feel “toxic” and want a new start


This 3-week detoxification program includes 3 group meetings led by Thais Harris, N.C., email support, an on-line private group page,and ALL supplements as well as 28 meal replacements. Emphasis is placed on an intimate group experience so that you do not feel alone while going through the program. This is a safe and gentle cleanse that can be done while you are working and living your “normal” life. This is not a starvation diet. You will learn to incorporate healthy whole foods into your diet, reducing the amount of foods that do not serve you well, and supporting your organs of detoxification, especially your liver.


Preparation Week! Our first group meeting will prepare for what’s ahead. Time to clean out the refrigerator and pantry and start incorporating healthy and delicious foods into your diet! You will get tips on how to eliminate potentially “toxic” foods from your diet, shopping lists and meal ideas to help you prepare easy meals that will help you reach your goals. You will get a meal plan and shopping list for the first week. Starting From day 8 to day 21 of your cleanse, you will take specific detoxification support nutrients in the morning and again in the evening, which include crucial amino acids and antioxidants to support your liver detoxification pathways. You will be asked to remove all sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine and alcohol from your diet for the 3 weeks of the cleanse.


Full Cleansing! Our second meeting will prepare you for the next 14 days.From day 8 to day 21 of your cleanse, you will drink two meal replacement smoothies per day while still eating one healthy balanced meal and wholesome snacks if needed (for a total of 28 meal replacements). The smoothies include organic pea protein, grass-fed bone broth protein or whey protein + specific nutrients and herbs which fuel detoxification pathways and promote optimal liver function. You will also get many fun recipes to keep the smoothies fresh and to your taste (they are delicious).


Feeling Great. What’s Next? On our final group meeting we will cover how to move into maintenance from the cleanse program. During our time together, you will have discovered many new foods and great meals, which will make the transition much easier. The last meeting will provide a chance to share your experience and learn from other participants, too. If you are interested in individual nutrition consulting at this point, we will provide discounted options for cleanse participants!


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