Nourish Together helps couples improve their individual and mutual health.

We combine nutrition consulting and relationship counseling to help couples achieve their health and relationship goals together. We provide nutrition and communication workshops so that couples can develop a path where both individual’s needs can be met, where they can support each other, and connect in the kitchen and beyond.

We believe that a loving partner is the most important ally in creating good habits, letting go of unhelpful behaviors, and stepping into a fuller, healthier, happier life.

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We offer workshops for couples and families to learn and experience the power of food and communication as nourishment, so they can take home practices and perspectives that will enhance their lives. Contact us to bring our workshops to your home or business. Contact us»

21-Day Cleanse

We offer private couple's and group individual's cleanses. Upcoming: 21-Day Group Cleanse at Montecito Heights Health Club, in Santa Rosa. Click the button below for more information about our group cleanse or contact us for a private couple's cleanse. Group Cleanse at Montecito Heights»

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